Lena Elisabeth Norrman


Welcome to my homepage,

here you find information about the courses I teach and my scholarly publications. At the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Campus, I am the Senior Lecturer in Swedish where my work includes coordinating the Swedish language- but also cultural studies program. My research interests concern gender and storytelling in the Viking age and the Middle Ages. Before becoming a full-time academic, I worked as a dressmaker and weaver for many years, so visual representations such as woven tapestries and embroideries showing female narration are some things close to my heart. Both my dissertation and my recent book Viking Women: Narrative Roles in Woven Tapestries focus on female visual poetry.  After 11 years in the US, 7 years in Boston, where I finished my graduate work at Harvard, and 4 years working in Minneapolis – I am still a Swede at heart! Therefore I also work with questions about Swedish culture and immigration, past and present, both to Sweden and to the US. I am very fortunate to belong to both these fascinating worlds!  


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